Monday, January 17, 2011

feeza's sweet smile

These are some pictures was captured , as time pass by very quickly as feeza becoming healthy and getting happy

feeza's doing well

It's going to be about 2 year feeza completed her operation . As for now , she is doing well and started walking very frequently but she still need to be support to climb stairs , to enter to a car , and mainly about 80 percent have to supervise her , to make sure that doesn't fall down .

during the recovery stage , she has shown a lot of changes since the operation , i used to remember that she hardly to walk and refuse to do a lot of thing . But ALHAMDULILAH , she started to change.

everyday her development is get better , but we have to make her active in her daily activity , and we are worried on her weight , even do we control her portion of food , she still getting weight as for now she is about 42kg for the age of 5

which it was due to the medication , and steroids , and leave a big problem on her weight , but INSHA ALLAH it would be reduce as time pasting by . Hopefully she can loose her weight cause by the steroid .

we have been follow up with her neurologist at UMSC , on the sept 09 , it was a good new and ALHAMDULILAH to ALLAH , her tumor have became smaller from the size of 3 cm to 1.7cm nearly half the size have gone.

i would like to thanks each one of you , for your prayer and doa for feeza , may ALLAH bless you and murahkan rezeki saudara/saudari.

At the same time , we just follow up with UMSC regarding on her tumor , every 6 month she have to go for MRI to check on the tumor itself and medication to stable her hormones . And also we are following up with Ustaz Haji lokman in Gombak on the islamic traditional type of medication , ALHAMDULILAH every visit he will do BATIN operation on feeza and provide us surah to be read and doa to ALLAH s.w.t , syukur and ALHAMDULILAH ..ALLAH have listen to our prayers and shown the miracle from HIM to us , as feeza tumor have shrink to half within 6 month after the major operation.

Insha Allah , i will update about feeza more frequently as she growing up everyday ,as for now ..we are looking a few day care center for her around PJ and KL .

As i can say is that as her father , she is a strong fighter , as she is doing well in every step she takes.
as usual feeza have to family , her family and her aunt aka ibu , we are looking after her from time to time.

so insha allah .. will see you guy in the next update..


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thousands of apology

Salam.. It has been a while since the last update on Feeza. Alhamdulillah.. Praise be to Allah.. The All Mighty.. Feeza have been showing good signs of recovery.. She's going on rehab every weekend at UH.. Insya Allah, i'll be posting her new pictures soon. Im really sorry for not being able to post lately.. And lastly, thanks for those who are patient enough waiting... God Bless!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Salam.. Sorry for the late update on Feeza's condition. Im pretty tied up on weekends. Feeza is so far, ok except that she had cramps yesterday and earlier today. The cause of it is still unknown. Maybe due to her lowsodium level ( which needs intensive care ). Still hoping she get well soon enough..

Monday, March 23, 2009


Salam.. Feeza is now at her granma's house in PJ. Her fever hasn't wear out, not just yet. This is due to her swollen intestine (as been proven by UH's doc). She's eating well and walk slowly. Her diet have to be observed as her steroid's consumption is still on. Pray for her best! tQ

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bloodtest? Not again.... :(

Salam. Feeza was admitted yesterday in UH. The doc said that her swollen intestines was the cause of her fever. Last checked yesterday,her temperature was 38.9. She'll undergo another bloodtest *sigh* to really determine the actual cause of the fever. May Allah Bless you with health sayang..



Salam. I just called my mom who's apparently taking care of Feeza. She told me that Feeza's fever is still there and they are bringing her to UH at the moment. Im not so sure that she'll be admitted or not. Just can pray for her best.. :`(